Recently, Rolex released with "D-Blue" color surface fresh oyster Deepsea watch, double color surface by the bright blue gradient for deep black, to remember Cameron successfully arrived in the bowels of Patek Philippe replica the earth -- the Mariana Trench to do. RolexDeepsea in robustness, accuracy, and reliability are under the new standard.

No other watch design can be comparable with the Rolex Deepsea. This new generation of rolex replica diver watch waterproof up to 3900 meters (12800 feet), with innovative design unique to Rolex, fully meet the most stringent requirements of professional divers. The new standard Rolex Deepsea in robustness, accuracy, and reliability are laid. Rolex Deepsea is the oyster watch ultimate, stand up to challenges. The 44 mM oyster shell with patented RingloCK system, achievement of a rugged and moderate size practical watch. This pioneering spirit continue to lead Rolex created oyster watch, and 1950 and 1960 in the R & D of submariner and sea make classic Patek Philippe replica diving watch. The new Rolex Deepsea 3900 has many characteristics.

It released the watch in the decompression speed is the cabin pressure so slow, trapped in the rolex replica watch inside the relatively large, that can cause irreparable damage. Taking into account a variety of factors, Rolex engineers will study a helium valve assembly spring: when there is air pressure difference inside and Patek Philippe replica outside the watch more than 3 to 5 bar, the valve will open to let the helium release, and waterproof watch at this time will not be affected.

Thanks to the Ringlock system is unique, as Rolex Deepsea has a rugged, waterproof and rolex replica resistance to pressure the extraordinary. Innovation case structure of the Rolex patent, the watch can withstand up to 3900 meters (12800 feet) of the strong pressure, equivalent to about 3 tons of pressure. The system consists of three elements: the system is the focus of the ring nitrogen alloyed stainless steel, supplement each other with 5 mm thick arch blue crystal glass and grade 5 titanium alloy bottom cover.

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